Your Favorite Step-Uncle


Your Favorite Step-Uncle. Derrick Pierce is in his office, when his step-niece Kendra Spade enters. In an effort to get close to her, he insists that he’d like to train her as a masseuse. He suggests that Kendra try a more advanced technique: a NURU massage. When Kendra is hesitant, Derrick preys on her daddy issues and she agrees. This naive step-niece is playing right into her uncle’s hands When Katya Rodriguez meets her step-uncle Alex Legend for the first time, she realizes that he is a lot more handsome than she ever could’ve imagined! When they start talking, he asks if she works and she admits to doing a VERY erotic massage called NURU. Seeing his chance, Alex insists that, as her step-uncle, he needs to know that she’s being safe while doing these massages! Unable to deny the chemistry between them, it isn’t long before she’s taking his cock into her mouth, then pussy. Will Uncle Alex approve of her massages now? Autumn Falls is relaxing when her favorite step-uncle, Marcus London, drops in for a visit. Autumn coyly tells him that she’s been studying massage lately. In fact, she’d love to test a technique she’s learned on her dear uncle! Once they begin the massage, he quickly realizes this is no ordinary massage!.

Release Year: 2022
Studio: Fantasy Massage
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