Vacation Secrets


Vacation Secrets

After finding out where my daughter had been running off to – getting tipsy in the stairwell – I had to bring her back to the hotel room and sober her up. If my wife found out what Maya was up to, the entire vacation would be ruined! But I couldn’t help but stare at my daughter’s tight ass and perky tits before confronting her..

You have to start wearing more appropriate clothes sweetie

What’s wrong these clothes?

I can see your nipple thru your shirt! That’s what’s wrong with your clothes!

Don’t act like you don’t like what you see, dad..

Excuse me?

I know you want me daddy, I won’t tell anyone-

No you can’t act like this! It isn’t right

She mentioned the sexual tension between us.. It’s not like I haven’t thought about it before. I know having sex with my daughter is wrong.. But after finding out the feelings are mutual only makes me want her more.

The urge to fuck my daughter was too strong to fight.. The next day, while my wife was out at the spa, I went looking for Maya. She was waiting for me in the hotel room in nothing but my wife’s silk robe

I knew you’d come back for me

You were right.. I have to have you

Watch as my sweet daughter turns into my own little fuck toy. I pull my cock out and she sucks me off, teasing me with her ass up in the air. Maya takes me deeper down her throat as I finger her tight holes. I needed a taste of her sweet young pussy!

Before filling her up, I went to town on her – sucking her clit, teasing her with my tongue. Licking up all her delicious juices.. I bend her over and shove my dick deep inside her, finally satisfying us both. I make her cum multiple times before I drain my balls all over Maya’s face!

Pornstars: Levi Cash, Maya Bijou
Release Year: 2018
Studio: My Pervy Family