Teen Bush 6


Teen Bush Vol. 6
Ariel McGwire is eager to get fucked but her dad has her get checked by a doctor to make sure she is still a virgin. But naughty Ariel has figured out a loophole, so when one of her father’s students shows up at her house, she invites him in and into her ass! This horny teen has never shaved so her ass is as furry as her tight, little tight snatch!

Alyce Anderson gets nightmares so her stepdad tells her the next time she gets scared to come to his bedroom and cuddle. ith his wife asl–p next to him, stepdad wakes in the middle of the night with Alice grinding her ass against his cock! Of course he had to take her mind off of her nightmare, so he pounded Alyce’s furry pussy nice and hard!

Ella Knox has perfect, natural tits and a hairy pussy that fits like a glove. It was hot outside, so Ella decided to take her top off. We can’t get enough of those amazing breasts and watching them bounce around while she got fucked was certainly an amazing sight and seeing her tits glisten with the shine of cum on them was historic!

Annika Eve was so flattered that her stepfather remembered her birthday she decided he deserved a present too: her fuzzy virgin pussy! He pounds that birthday pussy so good that now Annika is hooked. The next day she sucks his cock and the day after that she fucks him in his car. Annika and her stepbrother have never been closer.

Studios: Team Skeet
Release Year: 2019
Keywords: Teen Bush 6

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