Spanking Friends Part 1


Spanking Friends Part 1Two friends get together for a day of spanking and kissing and they will be wearing nothing but high heeled stiletto shoes, shiny and sexy. They have amassed a large selection of spanking implements ranging from a hairbrush through to paddles of all kinds, lupies, floggers, vintage rulers, tawses, straps a wooden spoon, a selection of vintage and new canes and just about everything that can be used to give pain and pleasure to a girl’s bottom. They start off with a deep kiss but soon get down to the serious spanking they have promised themselves. Violet is she and new to spanking, she needs to be encouraged to spank and beat Dillon who is more experienced and determined to extract every ounce of pleasure she can from Violets beautiful young body. In this part of the film they find out just what each of them can take and then push the limits, exchanging swats and spanks with a variety of the implements. Both bottoms are marked and whilst beating each other they take good time to play with, lick and show off their lovely high heels, this film is a dream if you love to see girls in heels really going to town on each other.

Pornstars: Dillon, Violet Haze
Release Year: 2024
Duration: 36 mins.
Release Date: Mar 05, 2024