Kick Ass Chicks 38: Footjobs


These Feet Were Made For Strokin’. These feet were made for strokin’!! If you’re into feet, the pinnacle of pleasure is to receive a foot job from a beautiful woman. Imagine how good it feels to have her warm, soft arches wrapped around your cock. To have those toes running along the shaft and tickling under the head. Of course, her tiny feet are almost as wet as her pussy – all that saliva from when you were sucking her toes makes great lubricant! There are many different positions in which to get a foot job, and you’ll find every one of them on glorious display in this movie. You’ll also find lots of sticky cum splattered on wiggling toes. Enjoy, foot lover!!.

Release Year: 2005
Duration: 2 hrs. 47 mins.
Release Date: Feb 19, 2007