Forbidden Family Affairs 12


Forbidden Family Affairs Vol. 12
The floodgates are open and now they’re fucking everywhere!

Erika Devine has been warned to stay away from her bad apple of a stepbrother. He tells her she’s a mama’s girl and is afraid to hang out with him. Taking the bait, Erika decides to prove him wrong by pulling out his cock and wrapping her lips around that hard shaft. But it’s when mom walks into the room that things get really dangerous!

Elena Koshka and her stepbrother get told by their dad to get their lives together and he grounds them. Sharing a punishment brings the young pair closer than ever before. So close, in fact, that now Elena knows what her stepbrother’s cock tastes like! Now the pair are dodging their dad and fucking like rabbits all over the house!

Brooke Haze and her stepbrother are watching a scary movie. The scarier the movie gets, the closer they get and soon Brooke has her hand on his cock. All the while, their grandfather is in the house. Erika’s getting pounded every which way and loving every minute of it. Good thing that when gramps comes into the room he’s not wearing his glasses!

Blair Williams goes to use the bathroom but walks in on her mom and stepdad. She becomes transfixed at the sight of his huge cock and knows she has to have it. Even though her mom is in the shower, Blair walks up to her stepdad and starts stroking that dick. He’s shocked but he’s so turned on that he looses all reason when she puts him in her mouth.

Studios: Team Skeet
Release Year: 2019

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