Daughter Swap 5


“OMG! Did I just put my hand on your dad’s dick?!!!”
Movie Night Madness It’s daddy-daughter movie night and these naughty daddies are about to pull the old hole in the bottom of the popcorn bag trick. These daughters will never forget this movie night!

A Magical Misappropriation These 2 dads are going to teach their stepdaughters some magic. The card in the panties trick wasn’t anywhere near as impressive as the magically appearing hard-ons!

The Stretch And Swap The girls were stretching after a run when they caught their dads checking them out. As long as they swap, there’s nothing wrong with their dads giving them a rubdown, right?

Daddy’s Revenge These dads are swapping hardcore sex tales about banging young girls and sneaking out before getting caught. Little do they realize that the tales they are telling are about each other’s daughters!

Studios: Team Skeet
Release Year: 2018
Keywords: Daughter Swap 5

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