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Pink Triangle


Pink Triangle

Kylie is feeling tremendous pressure. How can she tell Julia that the woman she’s wholeheartedly in love with is Stephanie, when just last night she slept with Julia? She has to break the news that she is not in love with Julia, but in love with Julia’s beloved stepmother, Stephanie. Kylie has to do all of this, without letting Stephanie know that she has betrayed her. It’s so heavy, it’s so intense, she could very well end up losing both Julia and Stephanie.

There’s one thing that Kylie doesn’t know. Julia has had a crush on her stepmother, but never ever had the courage to act on it. When Kylie made love to Julia, it gave her the courage she needed to confess her feelings for the sexiest and kindest woman on the planet, her stepmother, Stephanie. Watch the story unfold..

Release Year: 2021

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