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    Annette Hienz. The lady loves to suck cock and slurp up the mess. In a scene in the middle of the show, she sucks and swallows Jerry Butler behind the bar. Then she finds three no-name actors standing against a wall in the bar. She sucks and cleans each in turn.

    Scene Breakdowns

    Scene 1. Laurie Smith, Jerry Butler
    Scene 2. Annette Heinz, George Payne
    Scene 3. Brooke Fields, Paul Thomas
    Scene 4. Athena Star, Long Jean Silver, Dick Howard
    Scene 5. Athena Star, Kenny Dee
    Scene 6. Nicole Bernard, Spring Taylor
    Scene 7. Long Jean Silver, Dick Howard
    Scene 8. Annette Heinz, Jerry Butler
    Scene 9. Annette Heinz, Bobby Spector, Dan Stephens, Mic Egan
    Scene 10. Brooke Fields, Michael Knight
    Scene 11. Laurie Smith, Jerry Butler
    Scene 12. Annette Heinz, Paul Thomas

    Annette Heinz,Athena Star,Bobby Spector,Brooke Fields,Dan Stephens,Dick Howard,George Payne,Jerry Butler,Kenny Dee,Laurie Smith,Long Jean Silver,Mic Egan,Michael Knight,Michelle Maren,Nicole Bernard,Paul Thomas,Spring Taylor / N/A / / 1983

    Release Year: 1983
    Studio: N/A