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Mom’s Cuckold 14


There’s nothing like breakfast and head!

Chad makes Natasha her favorite breakfast. But when he brings it up to her there’s a big black man in bed with her. Chad freaks out and Natasha begins to fuck like a rock star.

Simone decides that she wants to be a pole dancer, but first she has to audition. Lexington a club owner gives her audition. Things really start to heat up and one thing leads to another.

Jennifer’s husband Jimmy is horrible in bed and not meeting her needs, so she decides to go bigger and thicker to fill all her sexual needs.

Jon Jon replies to Aiden’s ad about selling her car. Aiden’s husband Hadi thinks the way she’s going about it is kinda wrong, but Aiden will do whatever it takes.

Release Year: 2014
Studio: Reality Junkies

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